Targeted Audio Advertising


Advertising no longer needs to be an intrusion

Music and audio streaming platforms now present a major opportunity for brands and organisations to connect with a select audience authentically. Music, podcasts and audio streams are the soundtrack to our lives, and what better way for marketers to connect with people than to be associated with their everyday routines. Radio advertising has been around for a long time, and when used well is effective, but now technology enables advertisers to be highly focused in their approach and reach the listeners they need.

Strong audio advertising can deliver emotive, intimate and immersive content in line with listener interests, and creative approaches can enable adverts to be as memorable as the music they are placed around. 
We provide you with an advertising campaign package that includes consultation, development, production and implementation, working with popular streaming platforms to offer you affordable, highly measurable and effective advertising campaigns.

Listen to our Spotify advert for PLAN International UK here. This featured a clickable visual link for listeners to sign a petition and achieved fantastic results


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