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China - Urban scene

Sound creates a theatre for the mind; we as listeners become active participants and are driven to imagine

Whether you need to deliver story-led, discussion-based, or location-rich material, we will cultivate and shape your narratives into distinctive podcast productions and digital products with your target audience in mind. Our versatile content creation model treats our podcast campaigns as an opportunity to generate a rich multimedia output, one that both enhances your brand and broadens your reach in targeting listeners, viewers and readers.

We not only generate ideas and stories, create beautiful productions and help you develop a strong and relevant audio brand, we also help you devise a robust strategy for cultivating digital marketing and promotional opportunities, and building a loyal and engaged following.

Our podcast campaigns ensure you have a broad digital presence, connecting with the millions of potential podcast consumers hungry for exciting new listening.

Examples of podcast format:

  • Crafted audio-storytelling – for delivering compelling personal stories that bring people and place to life, or making complex issues and narratives digestible
  • Interview led – for profiling issues and people, or delivering intimate storytelling
  • Discussion based – for engaging numerous participants or generating audience responses
  • Audiobook or scripted approach – for knowledge sharing, audio guides and educational tools, or for publishers to make quality reading into quality listening
  • Bulletins – Short-form productions that work well for social media sharing and utilising short-form audio platforms

To discuss your ideas or discover which formats could work for you please contact::

Gary Fawle 
Events in Sound

T: +44 (0) 7748 545 652