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The perfect entry for you to start delivering podcast campaigns, Podcast Shorts are a bespoke series of digestibly packaged podcasts designed to spark empathy, thought and action in busy audiences

Created to connect meaningfully with your target listeners, Shorts will help you frame your message in an audience-focused way. Designed to cultivate your storytelling and knowledge sharing potential, add a human aspect to your work and produce a strong and unique podcast identity to reach further with your content.

Episodes are 10 minutes or less - the time it takes a listener to eat their breakfast!

The Formats - Shorts come in five different formats:

Storyteller - stories can help you frame messages subtly and meaningfully, stirring empathy in your listeners while adding an authentic aspect to your brand and work. Storyteller Shorts are crafted from interview and conversational material, or read as scripted pieces, these may include added atmospheres and music to enhance the narrative.

Talker - discussion based pieces are a great way to stimulate thought and impart knowledge and expertise through conversation. These could enable you to connect with a range of guests or organisations to strengthen your community, or to share knowledge from within your own organisation*

Interviewer - a great way to promote a campaign or deliver narratives around a specific subject, a well devised and executed interview format can be a great way to frame a subject and create a unique voice, as well as broaden your community with the guests you feature.

Explainer - explainers enable you to deliver targeted information or share knowledge creatively. They can be scripted and narrated or crafted from interview material, they also create the potential to deliver graphic-led video to reach across platforms.

Reporter - the ideal companion to a campaign or report where timeliness is important. These short radio style narrated pieces allow you to use other content from a talk, speech or piece of media to frame your narrative, they are made for sharing across social media. 

*Talkers may happily run between 10 and 20 minutes

The Packages - You can choose to have 3,4,5 or 6 episodes in a Podcast Shorts series.

All packages come with consultation, development, design, production, and a distribution and audience growth strategy to suit your unique needs and the listeners you're aiming to connect with.

Podcast Shorts are designed to be an affordable entry into effective high-quality podcasting. We have a basic rate for these packages with customisation options; such as additional visual material to support your campaign.

Please contact us for a price list and a free, no obligation chat so we can understand your needs and what would be best to offer you.

Orders made before 31st December 2017 will receive a 20% discount

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