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Soundscape Meditation


We live in a beautiful world of sound, and listening should be part of a full and enriching life experience. Yet often the distractions and challenges of the noisy environments we live in mean it can be difficult for us to listen and fully and reap the benefits of using our often forgotten primary sense. 

2018 sees the launch of our immersive mindful listening sessions known as Soundscape Meditation. Through these sessions we explore listening as a way to find calm and focus, feel present and connected, experience the moment, and gain a deeper understanding of the world through sound.

Using a special immersive sound system this facilitated listening practice enables us to journey into the soundscapes of far-away and tune into the wonderful sounds of our everyday; we explore the natural world and our urban and social environments, as well as the wonders of musical composition, familiar sounds, strange sounds and the sounds of silence. We explore how listening can be used for our health and wellbeing, as well as for environmental understanding and nature connection.

Soundscape Meditation is a simple and enjoyable facilitated practice that allows us to take time out to explore sound, develop our listening skills, and learn practical techniques and approaches we can apply to everyday life. 

These sessions are available publicly in the UK, but are also available privately for your organisation and team. Sessions usually run for one hour, and bespoke workshop packages are available depending on your needs.

See Facebook for public updates and contact Gary below for bookings for your organisation.

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