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Harnessing the versatility of audio

Our workshops give you the perfect combination of cultural insight, practical knowledge and creative approach.

Whether it's collecting audio for digital bulletins, podcasts or content placement, or gaining a better understanding of mobile video gathering, sound recording, content use or podcast construction, we provide customised workshops to ensure you get the best from your team and the unique locations you work in.

We'll help you to empower those you work with, strengthen technical skills, and stimulate creative, informed thinking within your organisation. 

‘It's great to have been able to benefit from the expert training you’ve given us in the audio and media gathering workshop. I’m convinced I’ve learnt valuable and essential elements for sound recording in the field, something I can also use with the video we make. I feel I’ve gained a good understanding of how we can develop podcasts and our media outreach now, and all this feels like it’ll be of great benefit in achieving our Forest, Land and Climate Campaign goals, thanks!' - Reiner Tegtmeyer, Senior Campaigner at Global Witness