Podcast Series

Boneshaker Magazine

This podcast series for independent UK publisher Boneshaker magazine was used to create a stronger digital identity, reach wider global audiences and increase sales. We did this by creating a show that would complement the approach and style of the magazine and at the same time plough its own furrow amongst other pioneering audio-storytelling podcasts to appeal to a broader global audience. Bringing the human side of cycling to the fore through remarkable stories and thought pieces, we've used the culture of cycling to explore art, philosophy, politics, social change and the environment, crafting the productions with a beautiful musicality and distinctive sonic identity. 

We provided a content and promotional strategy for Boneshaker, as well as managed all aspects of the series: including content gathering, story and script writing, sonic and visual identity, production, presentation and distribution.

With just five episodes we've gained tens of thousands of listeners in 50 different countries to date, with over 50% of those becoming subscribers to the show. We developed partnerships with Faber & Faber, Guardian books, and The Design Museum London. The magazine’s sales rose by 10% over this release period, allowing them to increase their print run and gain distribution in the US. This podcast production was used to generate a strong multimedia outreach.

Boneshaker is a UK based independent publication that takes a sideways look at cycling. 

credit: our menu cover photo of Emily Chappell recovering after The Transcontinental Race is taken by James Robertson.