Storyteller Podcast Campaign


Where campaigns can often struggle to find an audience-focused, human quality, our Storyteller podcast packages allow you to frame your message with compelling story-driven narratives and rich cultural insight; produced with a creative, immersive and evocative style podcast consumers and listeners love. This storytelling approach allows busy audiences to digest in-depth, personal-feeling content while travelling, working or simply doing the washing up.

This Storyteller feature for Canadian non-profit Canopy highlights the plight of The Cree First Nation Community of Quebec, and their struggle to protect the last intact boreal forest in their territory. 90% of this land has been majorly impacted by the forestry industry, destroying Cree hunting grounds, threatening their whole way of life and unnecessarily destroying some of the last ancient forests on the planet.

Deputy Chief of The Waswanipi Community Mandy Gull guides us through the lives, lands and culture of her people and their struggle, to give us an immersive, informative and compelling listen. 

Canopy is a Canadian based NGO working to protect the world’s forests, species and climate by collaborating with business leaders, scientists and decision-makers to help create sustainable supply chains and foster innovative solutions to environmental challenges.